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The first training course in electronic rods took place in Lima in September 2006. Indeed at that time the first Tom Pouce 2 appeared and the association was able to recover the Tom Pouce 1 people who benefited from the new device.
These beginnings were not necessarily easy, we had 5 places for more than twenty people presenting themselves. Many simply believed in a distribution of miracle machines. It had to be made clear that we were there to make people improve their mobility over the long term. For that they had to follow a serious formation, the devices would only be lent, and if they were not or badly used they would be taken again.
Thanks to the existence of a Spanish rehabilitation structure for the visually impaired in the city, we did not have to start from scratch, the bases of locomotion to the white cane were acquired for some.
We trained Peruvian locomotion instructor Karla, who now works in the two cities of Lima and Trujillo, now for 12 years.
Currently with the release of Tom Pouce 3 in France, the majority of Peruvian users have a Tom Pouce 2.
The number of blind people trained is currently limited by our financial resources to pay the local locomotion instructor. The latter carries out the training, the long-term follow-up of the users and the change of equipment in case of breakdown.

Photo de la canne blanche équipée d'un TP2
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