Improvement of the mobility of the visually impaired by Electronic travel aids and Electronic orientation aids

The IMDV works to make the daily mobility of visually impaired people as comfortable and as safe as possible. This action is done thanks to the Electronic White Cane and a Smartphone application of inertial GPS  specially adapted to the visual impairment. Already more than a thousand low signted or blind people use the Electronic White Cane or the GPS in France and elsewhere in the world. The hardware and software are donated at the end of the training course to the visually impaired, thanks to the sponsors. Many people are waiting to access at these services.

BENEFICIARY    Visual impairment, visual impairment with associated disability    RADIUS OF ACTION   France, Italie, Pologne, Pérou, Équateur, Colombie

La canne blanche électronique d'intérieur Minitact : photo de la prise en main