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The Minitact is a case of 10 cm by 3.5 cm by 2.5 cm which fits easily in the palm of the hand.

It has an infrared sensor, a three-position operation button on the edge of the device, a wrist strap and works with two AAA batteries.

It serves in places known to the person to move among the obstacles and other groups of people on the way. The Minitact can be used without a cane indoors in the premises of a company, associative premises, etc ... and outdoors, only in secure areas. In no way does the Minitact replace the white cane or even the electronic white cane Tom-Pouce.

The Minitact is only used in places known to the person and protected from road traffic. Its use is simple, it is held to navel author as a white cane and performing a left right sweep, it is possible to explore the passage in front of you. When an obstacle is detected, the device sends a vibration.

This can be of two kinds: continuous or granular. We will come back to it while we will detail the four ranges of detections. The Minitact has a three-position operation button. The middle position turns off the device. The forward position activates a range of 4 m or 6 m.

The backward position activates the range to 75 cm or 2 m. If the Minitact is held in the hand with the button facing the ground, the forward position activates the 4 m range and the 2 m rear position. When holding the Minitact the button facing the ceiling, the forward position is a range of 6 m and the rear position that of 0.75 m.

For example, in range of 4 m, the first obstacle to be detected at a distance will be at 4 m and will trigger a continuous vibration. As you approach the obstacle, the vibration will become gritty when the distance between the Minitact and the obstacle becomes less than 2 m.
When moving into the 2m position, the area of ​​the continuous vibration is between 1m and 2m and that of the vibration granular from 0 to 1 m.
When holding the Minitact button facing the ceiling, the forward position is 6m and the continuous vibration will be activated for obstacles between 2m and 6m, the granular between zero and 2m.
The back position corresponds to a reach of 75 cm and is always granular. It is mainly used for crowd management in tight spaces or queues.

Training is needed to use the tool effectively in different contexts. It is delivered by locomotion instructors. The tool with its training is made available free of charge by the various training centers, for more information, consult our section contacts and links.

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