The Tom Pouce in Peru

The first electronic cane training course was held in Lima in September 2006. Indeed, at this time the first

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Blind person walking in the streets of Medellin, Colombia

The Tom Pouce in Colombia

Trainings at Tom Pouce I began in Medellín, Colombia, in 2007, a year after Lima. Why this city? it’s just a

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The Tom Pouce in Ecuador

The trainings started in 2017 in Ecuador in Guayaquil. Locomotion instructors from the cities of Quito, Santo Domingo ... Read more

Visually impaired and blind in test at the central inertial GPS in the subway

GPS guidance can not work in the metro because the satellite signals

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Personne Sourde Aveugle en séance d'apprentissage au Minitact

The Minitact with

deafblind users

Deaf-blindness is one of the most serious disabilities. The electronic cane uses the proprio-ception to know more about ... Read more