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Testimony of Ahlam

"I use the electronic cane for all my travels, both professional and personal"

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Testimony of Gérard

"I feel like I was given a second view"

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Testimony of Fabrice

"The Minitact is for me a new tool of help to the displacement which completes the action of the guide dog"

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Testimony of Jean-Marie

I have been using the electronic cane for 17 years. I knew 3 different models.

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​Jean Marie

Testimony of Christophe

I am a user of Tom Pouce 3 since November 2013. At that time, I was already used to Tom pouce 2

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Testimony of Aziz

At the end of 2018 I will be at 17 years of practice with the electronic white cane. In hindsight I think

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Testimony of Pascal

I want to thank the inventor of this electronic cane for the following reasons: Since I own this electronic cane,

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Testimony of Chantal

I started using the electro-cane around 2002. At this time

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Testimony of Aziz

Since I use the Minitact indoors, the cane is no longer useful. When I am in local

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