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Testimony Gérard

Internship in Lyon

Three days of internship in LYON and here I am in possession of the electronic cane. The "Tom Pouce"! Concentration, practice and a little tired but the result is there!
  What brings me this change in my life:
  First, less apprehension of bumping into an obstacle that would be in height. The ease of knowing if I can go through my right or left when any obstacle is in my path.
  Then, the "power" to find a passage, for example, a portal, a porch or a breach in a wall, without having to go to touch, simply by using the electronic cane.
  Walking in a street, climbing a staircase, knowing that if, in front of me, someone stops unexpectedly, I can just sweep from right to left, find out if the passage is free, and pass it without even the touch, or jostling him.
  I walk briskly so that I have the impression that I was given a second view.
  Before, I concentrated and I struggled on any difficulty encountered. That's it, and the daily practice will surely make me discover other benefits of my red-eyed whiteness.

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