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Testimonial Fabrice

Minitact for guide dog user

The Minitact is for me a new tool of help to the displacement which completes the action of the guide dog.

I use it mainly in stores, in the discovery of new places too cramped to work the guide dog or in the various places that I come to attend at the professional level. I do not regret the effort of this new learning which is finally quite close to the manipulation of the white cane.

The sweep is disconcerting at the beginning since there is no longer the resistance of the cane on the ground.

It is not necessary to position it at navel height. I can afford to keep it at arm's length by rehabilitating the sweeping gesture. By issuing a movement from bottom to top and from top to bottom, this tool delivers information on the vertical axis, something impossible and especially not recommended with the cane.

(Testimonial published in the review guide dogs blind Toulouse, March 2018)

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