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Testimonial Pascal

I want to thank the inventor of this electronic cane for the following reasons: Since I have this electronic cane, for me it is not like before, I explain myself. Before owning this electronic rod I took the poles, the cocks on the sidewalk, garbage cans and cars parked in fields, and the two wheels. I also took the truck mirrors that are at the height of the face. Since I have this electronic cane finished all the accidents, this is only happiness to be able to avoid all these obstacles in the daily life which poisoned the life so I walk much faster and moves with ease and pleasure because I can avoid all these obstacles with this electronic rod. I can go to any place without having the fear of hurting myself. This also allows me to buy fewer rods, twisted following these accidents. I can even say that the tree branches protruding on the sidewalks are detected, which allows me to avoid them. What is appreciable in this high-tech equipment we can know what there are 2 meters, 6 meters and more, depending on the switch positioned at his choice, and it changes the life that happiness. You should know that it is unfortunate that few blind people are not informed of this wonderful material, you should also know that there is a training to use this very sophisticated equipment that is free and its training. Today with hindsight I am concerned that many blind people that I meet are not equipped with this material and I find it unfortunate that we do not do enough publicity. For many years I use this material I can say that my eyes are replaced, and I live like everyone else and I do not hesitate to go out. I no longer wonder whether something will happen to me when I leave. No more nightmares ...

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