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Testimony Chantal

I use the Tom Thumb 2 since 2002

I started using the electronic cane around 2002. At that time, the signaling of the obstacles was made by different sounds depending on whether we approached or moved away from it. I found this system already great because it gave me reassurance in my travels. The downside was that there is already a lot of noise in the city to pay attention. The fact of having to listen in addition to the sound returns of the cane required an increased concentration.
That's why replacing sounds with vibrations has been a real improvement and added comfort. The electronic cane arrived for me at the right time while my sight dropped significantly.
Today, I would have a hard time without it. When it does not work because I forgot to recharge the batteries and they are flat, I feel helpless, a little vulnerable.
Thanks to her, I circulate with a sense of security, avoiding obstacles that could be dangerous and I feel able to go to unfamiliar terrain. Security and freedom, that's what brings me my electronic cane.

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