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Testimony Jean-Marie

For 17 years,
I use different Tom Pouce

I have been using the electronic cane for 17 years.
This is an instrument that requires good training.
You have to understand it, tame it, master it and have the will to move independently ... and it takes time!
The effort is rewarded because the result is there. I can do my shopping and take public transport, alone.

Here is an anecdote that illustrates how a blind person is seen moving with the electronic cane.
 One day I was walking down a street avoiding obstacles, a man comes up to me and asks me;
- "Do you see a little? - I have been following you for a while and you have arrived in front of roadblocks by hesitating and you have bypassed them! "-
I then explain the advantages of my equipment.
Thanks to the laser beam delivered by the device, I perceive the vibration of the vibrator which translates each obstacle placed in front of me. The game consists therefore in the search for absence of vibration.
 We must not forget that we must never relax vigilance to interpret the information transmitted. Otherwise, it's the accident or the stray!

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