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The Tom Pouce 1 trainings started in Medellín, Colombia in 2007, one year after Lima. Why this city? it's just a question of opportunity.
The Interandin Program of University Cooperation France - Peru - Colombia led by Jean Pierre Galaup, which lasted several years, recruited one of our volunteers René Farcy to teach physics courses.

The University of Antoquia in Medellin, the venue of the courses, had a library with services specially adapted for blind students, used by all the students of the city.
The intercourse was the opportunity to train the local locomotion instructor Alejandra who now practices in the three cities of Medellin, Cali and Pereira. Medellín users are now in Tom Pouce 2 as well as half of those in Cali.
We were faced with a high rate of blindness due to the aftermath of the Guerilla, lost bullets, anti-personal bombs ... The city of Medellin built on a mountain flank presents a complex configuration of unevenness, we can have steep downsides several meters deep along a sidewalk.
Word of mouth meant that the Colombian user population was almost exclusively student at the time of their training.

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