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Photo du Président Jean Marie Murienne

When I take office, I think of my predecessor, Roland Damaschini, who recently passed away. A user of the Electronic Rod replaces a researcher at the origin of this device.
I hope that many visually impaired people will follow my path.
I warn them because it is an instrument that must be "tamed" without forgetting to remain vigilant in our movements, in our environment and to listen to the information provided by the vibrator .... otherwise we risk to wander.

Photo de Roland Damaschini

-  Roland DAMASCHINI  -

Roland Damaschini, Research Professor at Paris Sud University and Laboratoire Aimé Cotton is one of the first researchers on the electronic cane. In retirement, he founded in 2006 the association he presides until his death in 2018. His priority has always been the quality and continuity of the service provided to the visually impaired.

Photo de Jeanne-Marie Murienne

-  Jeanne-Marie MURIENNE  -

Jeanne Marie Murienne set up the administrative and accounting structure of the association when it was created in 2006. She volunteered to manage it until its early demise in 2008. Its rigor and efficiency remained a model for the organization. association.

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