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When the Tom Pouce 2 was released in 2008, the Tom Pouce I began to be gradually recovered from users who had their equipment upgraded to Tom Pouce II.

These Tom Pouce I have been revised and updated to the latest version of Tom Pouce I by the IMDV and have opened the first centers in South America, Lima, Peru and Medellin, Colombia.

The appearance of Tom Pouce 3 in 2013 has allowed from 2014 to start recovering Tom Pouce 2.

As in France, the IMDV provides free material and training to visually impaired centers in South America. Currently all entrants start with a Tom Pouce I. In the two following years, depending on the volume of daily use, the quality of progress made in autonomy they can have the Tom Pouce 2. There are currently more than 50 % of the devices in circulation which are Tom Pouce 2.

The quality of service is the same as in France with 5 to 6 years of shift.

The functions of the Tom Pouce 2 resemble those of the basic Tom Pouce 3 (see the description page of the Tom Pouce 3, the device is less precise and does not detect the black poles anti-parking end.

This defect is less troublesome in these countries where we do not find for the moment this type of obstacles in street furniture.

The stock of IMDV equipment in Tom Pouce I and 2 is greater than the capacity of the association to pay for on-site training.

We are looking for donations to increase the activity of locomotion instructors in South America.

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